About Us

Robert L. Bellamy and Associates, Inc. (RLB) is a full service engineering firm committed to providing the best in civil engineering, planning and land surveying for eastern South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina. Since 1943 the firms commitment to excellence has been a trademark of high quality, cost-effective, client-oriented engineering and consulting. Great service to their clients is top priority.

Robert L. Bellamy & Associates, Inc. began in the early 1940′s specializing in water supply, wastewater collection, and surveying services for the greater Myrtle Beach area. The firm’s growth since this time has closely paralleled the incredible growth of the South Carolina coast. Many of the major civil engineering projects of this area, both public and private, as well as numerous early land surveys and planning studies are the products of the firm.

Today, Robert L. Bellamy & Associates, Inc. capabilities encompass a broad spectrum of surveying, engineering studies, planning, design and project implementation. Robert L. Bellamy & Associates, Inc. provides exceptional design practices for both commercial and residential projects. Clients include private developers, public entities, business groups, home owner associations and individuals. Robert L. Bellamy & Associates, Inc. employs a talented diverse staff dedicate to meeting needs of project clients. In addition, they routinely employ the expertise of many sub-consultants to assist in providing solutions outside of their scope of expertise. Robert L. Bellamy & Associates, Inc. offers design and surveying services for water-sewer, drainage, roads, subdivisions, commercial sites, multi-use sites, land surveying, mapping, water wells, flood elevation certificates, wetland and construction surveys.

Robert L. Bellamy & Associates, Inc. remains up to date with technology, modern design, drafting and surveying equipment. Engineering and drafting departments utilize state of the art electronic drafting and design technology. Their survey department is equipped with total station surveying instruments, electronic data collection devices, and GPS surveying technology services as required. These technologies assure to clients the best in speed, accuracy and product quality in return minimizing cost to clients on projects.

Robert L. Bellamy & Associates, Inc. strives to provide excellent service to their clients by providing with quality engineering, surveying and planning in a timely, cost effective manner. We desire for all clients to be completely satisfied by providing and giving their best in service and professionalism.